We Walked with Dinosaurs

… literally …

If you ever find yourself in south Florida, I would highly suggest you add the Shark Valley Visitor’s Center in Everglades National Park to your itinerary.

No walls, no fences, no cages:  Natalie, Jim and I got up close and personal with wild alligators, anhingas and other tropical wetland critters on Saturday as we biked Shark Valley’s 15-mile trail.

Too cool for words – I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:



  1. Oh my goodness, those are incredible shots! I love wildlife and talk about WILD! The gators seem extremely well behaved, though I never really thought of them as vicious. I know they CAN be, but any animal could be… I think they’re actually quite cute!

  2. yay everglades! :) amazing photos you got. i totally can hear the everglades just by looking at these photos…you know that cricket-like sound it constantly has? i don’t even know what critter is responsible for it… :D love this post.

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