The American Alligator

It’s no secret that Jim and I love to spend our free time exploring the Everglades.

Since seeing my first alligator (up close and personal), I’ve been dying to create a felt version in its likeness.

After sketching out a few different patterns, I finally settled on one that I think captures the lazy attitude and cute qualities of these huge reptiles – Check him out!

How could you not love this guy?  My favorite details are his scaly belly and pointy white teeth!

Based on their sleepy demeanor and constant need to bask in the sun, Jim and I have thought that the American alligator could be reclassified as a species of aquatic plant – However, just last week we were lucky enough to witness one attacking a fish!  It flew out of the wetland grasses with its mouth wide open – Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Next, I plan on challenging myself by creating an anhinga embroidery piece …


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