DIY Cuffed Shorts

I’ve been on the hunt for new shorts recently, but all the pairs I seem to find are either too expensive or don’t fit in any of the right places.

Fed up, I decided to cut the legs off an old pair of jeans and make my own.


  • old pair of jeans
  • pair of shorts (to use as a template)
  • scissors
  • paper clips
  • water-soluble marker
  • needle and thread (only needed if you have to patch any holes)


1.  Lay jeans on a flat surface.  Decide how long you want your shorts to be and draw a line 2-3 inches below that with a water soluble marker.  You can use a pair of shorts you already have as a template.

2.  Cut along the line to remove the legs.  Put these pieces aside to make patches later if you need them.

3.  Try on your freshly cut shorts, cuff them to your desired length and secure with a few paper clips.  At this point, your cuffs will probably be uneven – Use the water-soluble marker to even out the hem and cut away the excess.

4.  From the fabric you removed in step 2, cut patches large enough to cover any holes you need taken care of on your new shorts.  (If your shorts don’t need patching, skip to step 6.)

5.  Pin a patch to the inside of each hole and use a back stitch to secure them in place.

6.  Immediately wash and dry your new shorts to remove any remaining marker ink and to prevent excessive fraying of the cuff.  Cut away any loose threads.

Put on your new shorts and enjoy!



  1. I just lost a great pair of jeans to an irritating rip, so if I can’t fix them, they’ll become super-cute shorts! Thanks for the tutorial :)

    (Love the last picture too!)

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