DIY: Lumpy the Christmas Coal

You’ll want to be “naughty” this year if it means Santa will bring you one of these little lumps of coal:

Just picture those eyeballs peering over the top of your stocking Christmas morning … Cute right?

Today I am going to show you how you can stitch up your very own one-of-a-kind Lumpy!  Let’s get started …

Lumpy the Christmas Coal – Plush Pet Rock Tutorial


  • paper pattern (download here)
  • black and white felt
  • black, dark grey and light grey embroidery floss
  • stuffing (polyester filling, etc.)
  • scissors
  • embroidery needle


1.  Cut pattern from paper.

2.  Trace and cut pattern from black pieces of felt – You will need 1 front, 1 back and 1 bottom.

3.  Cut two small ovals from white felt and two small circles from black felt – These will be used to create Lumpy’s “googly eyes”.  I typically do this step freehand because it gives each Lumpy their own individual personality!

4.  Sew eyes to the front piece of black felt with a simple cross stitch using black floss.

5.  Embroider lines using a back stitch on the front piece of black felt using light grey and dark grey floss to give your Lumpy some texture.

6.  Line up the front and back pieces of felt and use a whip stitch to sew them together with black floss. (Helpful whip stitch tutorial here.)

7.  Continue to use the whip stitch to adjoin the bottom to the front and back pieces.

8.  When you are about 2 inches from completing your Lumpy, stop and firmly stuff the pet rock firmly with filling.

9.  Finish the stitching and secure with a French knot.

10.  Tuck in the end of the floss and snip the leftover thread.

11.  You now have a Lumpy to call your very own!

These little guys make awesome secret Santa gifts and can double as pin cushions!  I prefer to perch mine on a shelf somewhere to make me giggle throughout the day – Great for everyone on your list!

Questions?  Leave them in the comments and I can help you there.

Needlework not your thing?  You can purchase a pre-assembled Lumpy here!




  1. Lumpy rocks! (that was supposed to be a pun, but now i’m not certain if coal is considered a rock…probably not…) Love this tutorial, Sasha–thanks for sharing. If Santa would kindly bring me some elves to help fill orders and free up some time for fun stuff, I would love to do this with my kiddo! So CUTE!!!!

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