It’s toe-painting season!

It was warm enough to wear sandals around town and to the farmer’s market yesterday and seeing my toes reminded me that it’s about time to start painting them again!

I’m very much a fan of the classic fire-engine red or a pale pink – But who knows, maybe this season I will be daring a paint them a mint green …

On an unrelated note – New embroideries now available in the shop!

Click here for a closer look at these.

How was your weekend?


Mini Embroideries

I’m having a mild obsession with these cute little vintage 4″ embroidery hoops … so I decided to stitch up a few new designs for the shop!

They’re perfect alone or as a collection to spruce up a patch of wall or a space on your shelf!  To find one for your space, click here!

More Adventures In Embroidery

I love this whole embroidery hoop thing – I feel like even the most random ideas just come together when expressed with linen, felt and floss.

I have sewn two new hoop designs:  a bunsen burner (Because you know you loved the flame test lab during chemistry class.) and a midnight moon (This was originally going to be a rain cloud, but Jim thought it looked so sad, and my intentions aren’t to make anyone depressed!  So I turned it into a peaceful evening scene instead, perfect for a baby’s room perhaps?).

O, I also have a new, totally awesome crab magnet.  Yep, he’s wearing sunglasses.

Click here to find these and more in my shop!

More Embroidery Art Designs!

I am really enjoying the whole embroidery hoop thing – I just can’t get enough!

Here are some new designs I’ve added to the shop:

Inspired by my sister's peacock feather tattoo.

A simple, sweet and affordable gift for someone you care about.

Tufted Bird + Thick-Rimmed Glasses = Bird Nerd!

And one with a nautical twist!

You can find these and more here!

What I’ve Been Upto …

I am so excited to announce a BRAND NEW line of items in my shop:  Embroidery Hoop Wall Art!!

So far, I have only sewn 2 and I am totally in love with how they both came out!

Both are already listed in the shop (I couldn’t wait, I listed them right after I took pictures, hehe).

And now for a new update on an old favorite:  Amoeba and Paramecium Magnets!!

Okay, okay – So at first glance I know they don’t look any different – But the secret is on the inside … I have upgraded to SUPER STRONG neodymium magnets! These suckers are ridiculously powerful – When I opened the mailbox, the package they were shipped in was stuck to the metal door!  I tested them out and they hold 3 – 4 thick business cards or 5 – 6 pieces of paper with ease.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the magnets I was previously using, they work just fine – But I wanted a little more sticking power and boy do these do the trick!

I have added a few of the new neodymium magnet versions of my microbes to the shop already – You can find them here. I will be adding a lot more over the upcoming days when I get a chance to list them.

I’ve also spent the past couple months conversing and collaborating with a representative of a certain charity, details will be coming later, but I can give you a hint:  It has to do with this item!