An Inspired Treasury

Not Your Typical Autumn Tree …

Click here to see more of and learn the inspiration behind this apple-green, plum and raspberry-purple collection!


Fall Lust: Knitted Socks

I don’t know what it is recently, but I have been drawn to any of a number of knitted socks I stumble on in my daily surfing … Here are a few of my favorites:

Purple & Green (Varm) – Orange & Pink (vegancraftastic) – Tall White (RGsocks)

So snuggly!

Autumnal Loves

Sneaking in a quick post here …

It was actually cool enough to wear a cardigan this morning which got me thinking about autumn and my favorite aspects of the season, so I decided to make a Treasury inspired by some of my Autumnal Loves:

  • hot tea
  • wool coats
  • snuggly scarves
  • chunky sweaters
  • warming soup
  • comfy clogs worn with thick socks

Inspired by my favorite things about fall ...

I didn’t mean for the color scheme to be lavender and mint, it just kind of happened so I rolled with it – I think it turned out rather lovely!

Go check it out and click around for some sweet Etsy finds :)

Inspired by a Button-Down

The colors in this thrifted button-down inspired me to make a few heart-shaped items in shades of blue, purple, pink and white.

Thrifted Button-Down

Set of 4 Heart Magnets

Embroidered Heart Keychains

Most of these Hearts are available now and all of them will be listed in my shop by the end of the week!

Heads Up:  I have another Tufted Bird Garland in the making :)

My Scissors …

… decided to up and die on me last night.  Apparently they were not satisfied with the typical life of a pair scissors, which is:

  • Be purchased and released from their ridiculously-difficult-to-open packaging (you presumably purchased new scissors because you don’t have a sufficient pair, which begs the question: How on earth does one expect to get into bomb-proof plastic packaging with an insufficient cutting implement!?).
  • Cut, cut, cut their way through paper and fabric (felt in my case).
  • Become too dull to be used effectively anymore.
  • Get lost somewhere in the back of the junk drawer because you just can’t seem to bring yourself to throw them away (we have a pair of blue-handled scissors like this … they cannot even cut a piece of embroidery floss properly – WHY are we still holding on to them!?).

No, they decided that a more dramatic approach was an order …

Dramatic Scissors

This happened mid-cut – Took me so much by surprise that I let out a small shriek!  The poor yellow Tufted Bird was the only casualty (thank goodness).

Just bought myself a new pair this afternoon, hopefully they work just as well … Now if I can only figure out how to get them out of that damn plastic vault they are so well secured in … I just took them for a test drive, and they are definitely not up to par. ::Sigh::

If you have any odd or surprising crafting mishaps of your own – Feel free to share!