Happy Thanksgiving!

Today – It’s all about the pumpkin pie.

Turkey is good, stuffing kinda grosses me out (bread + moisture of any kind = nasty), I don’t touch the cranberry sauce and I enjoy my sweet potatoes with horseradish sauce (don’t hate, it’s awesome).  But when it comes time for dessert …

[Pie Illustration by Jessa ZG]

I can’t wait to stuff myself with at least 3 slices covered with whipped cream to the point where you aren’t even sure there’s pie underneath – It’s Thanksgiving – Indulge a little!

My Thanksgiving adventure actually started back in October, if you recall – But here’s what I’ll be up to for the rest of the week:

  • Thursday – Spend the day at my Dad’s (he does all the cooking), help set up the Christmas tree with my sister (Dad has a fake tree, it’s become a tradition for the two of us to put it together and decorate it Thanksgiving day), gorge myself on dinner #1, then drive home for the night.
  • Friday – Get up, run, do whatever else I have to do at home, drive to my Mom’s house (my Uncle and cousin will be coming to visit – Yay!).
  • Saturday – Enjoy the all-day food bonanza at my Mom’s house (she’s not happy unless everyone is eating) and Thanksgiving dinner #2, then drive home.

Woot!  That’s right my friends – I get to have 3, count ’em, 3 Thanksgiving dinners this year! You know you’re jealous.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day sharing Thanksgiving with friends and family!