Never Stop

Just popping in to say “hello” – It’s been too long since I’ve posted here, but for good reason.

This month has been all together busy and exciting …

  • I’ve been planning a trip to Colorado next week for field sampling and a dissolved organic matter fluorescence workshop
  • I’m finalizing an experimental design that will likely take me all summer to finish, but I expect that the results are going to be pretty awesome
  • Our group recently published in Science and the story was picked up by both NSF and the Wall Street Journal (!!) – This publication is essentially the precursor to what I am currently working on (just in case you were wondering what I do all day in lab) – We know that black carbon is associated with dissolved organic matter, but how?  This is the question I need to answer
  • After this week I am completely finished with college classes … of course I will still constantly be learning, observing and absorbing information related to my research, but I am stoked to never have to cram for another final ever again


P.S.  It’s National Parks Week!  Free admission to all national parks until April 28th!  Get out and explore :)


Weekend Plans

It’s a good thing I follow the Florida State Parks on Twitter (@FLStateParks if you’re interested), or I would have never known that tomorrow kicks off National Parks Week!!

All US national parks are offering free admission from April 21-29, so Jim and I are heading over to the Everglades again this Saturday!

Instead of biking at Shark Valley again, we’re going to head down to Homestead and walk the trails near the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center.  Afterwards, we plan on stopping at Robert is Here – A great little farmer’s market with local produce, house-made smoothies and more flavors of honey than you can shake a stick at!

What are you up to this weekend?