It’s time for a new fuel: Pure, unbridled curiosity.

apollo 11Feeling inspired by this little post today.


Recent Inspiration

I don’t know when I will have time to actually sit down and sew something new, but my brain has certainly been brewing with a bunch of new ideas … here are some of my most recent inspirations: alumcavetrail inspiration1abjglassworks inspiration3bubblesinspiration2

  1. Alum Cave Trail via WNM
  2. Hoboken Coffee Roasters via Emma Dime
  3. Watercolor Waves via Yao Cheng Design
  4. The Companion Lamp via ABJ Glassworks
  5. Printed Bird Shirt via AndyVeEirn
  6. Marimekko Fokus Tray via Crate&Barrel
  7. Bubbles via WNM
  8. Mountains Print via Leah Duncan
  9. Last Place via Kaye Blegvad

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Cozy Bedrooms

This morning I will be taking my last final of the semester – Thank. Goodness.  (Keeping up with class assignments and studying for exams is a lot harder than I remember!)

I am 100% looking forward to not setting an alarm this weekend for the first time in a while.  All I want to do is cozy up between the sheets and sleep away the morning (catching up on the many hours I lost throughout the semester …)

Here are a few snuggly bedrooms I wouldn’t mind catching some Zs in (click image for source) …

What are your relaxing weekend plans?

Festive: The Story Behind the Ornament

Freshman year of college, I decided to decorate my little dorm room with Christmas lights for the holiday season.  Jim proceeded to come in, grab a sticky note and write “festive” on it with a couple of arrows.  He taped this note to my wall with the arrows pointing appropriately at the lights.

Jim and I had only started seeing one another a month earlier.

Six years later, we still have the sticky note.

We’ve taped a loop of ribbon to it and now it hangs from our tree each Christmas.

This note was the inspiration for one of my 2011 holiday ornament designs:

Simply designed to point out how freaking festive your tree is.

Available here!