Food Truck Bonanza

Things have been a little quiet here around the blog … because my sister is here!!

This week is her spring break so she’s bunking with us until Sunday.  Unfortunately I still have to attend class and teach lab here and there, but she’s been enjoying lazy days by the pool while Jim and I are at work.

I have been able to take a little time off here and there though – Last weekend we grabbed bubble teas from our favorite Taiwanese place and went to see Hunger Games in IMAX (Loved it!).

Tonight we went to a local food truck rally and indulged in everything from fish tacos to chicken wings to arepas to vegan plantain burritos to sapote Italian ice (Hungry yet?):

Hopefully we will burn a few of these extra calories tomorrow as we go paddleboarding around Biscayne Bay!

Hope you’re having a fabulous week too!!



V-Day Gift Exchange!

Jim and I typically “celebrate” Valentine’s Day by going out and buying half-price chocolates on February 15th.

This year, I also plan on spreading the love by participating in the Valentine’s Day Handmade Gift Exchange – Good news is there’s still time for you to get in on the action too!  Simply e-mail Kay at whoskay [at] gmail [dot] com and she will add you to the list – Registration deadline is February 8th, so don’t wait!

See flyer below for more details:

Let me know if you sign up!

Parameciums Attack!

Since my little Paramecium and Amoeba magnet duos seem to be a hit (by a hit I mean I have sold more than one pair and they keep popping up in Treasuries) I am devoting some time to making 6 pairs of them this week!  I finished threading their flagella on last night (my absolute favorite feature, but the most tedious task to do …) and will glue in magnets and hopefully even add a few French knot organelles and finish some up tonight!

I really don’t have anything particularly “science-y” today for you, but I figured a shot of these little organisms in the making would suffice :) Enjoy!

Paramecium Magnets in the Making

If you are a US resident – Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

To everyone else – Have a superb weekend!