Loving my new toy …

The memory card arrived on Saturday, so I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon playing around with our new camera.

I had to quickly teach myself (with some help from Jim) how to take decent macro shots so I could get some new listings up in the shop.  I cannot describe how good it feels to FINALLY have control over what area I want to focus on in a picture.

Short depth of field, where have you been all my life?  (See, I’m using fancy photo lingo already!)

I’m still learning, but here are a few pictures from this weekend’s photo shoot that I am particularly in love with (click image for source):

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend (and a Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!).

Also, I have a friggin’ awesome tutorial scheduled for tomorrow for you guys – Can’t wait to share!!


Hump Day Finds: Birthday Wish List!

Hey friends!  Sorry I’ve been a little MIA … finals week is encroaching, I’ve unexpectedly started my research (I was in the Everglades collecting water samples last week!) AND we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our place this year – So much to do!

Today’s finds are pretty much just things that I want.  Why?  Because today is my birthday!!

The following are a few items that have been on my radar for a while:

Where you can get ’em:

I know, that last one wasn’t found via Etsy – But it was an early/unexpected birthday gift for myself!!  Remember how I said I was in the Everglades last week?  Well, I brought my camera to take pictures (of course) and ended up dropping it overboard …

Upsetting?  Sort of.  I’m just sad I don’t have pictures of the field trip to show you.  But getting a DSLR has been on Jim and my wish lists for months now (I wanted something better for item/blog photos and Jim has been a photo geek since high school).  It’s such a big purchase for us so we have been hesitant to take the leap.  Anyway, I ended up having enough money saved up from my Etsy sales to purchase a refurbished, body-only Nikon D3000 (Jim already owns a lens that will work perfectly with it)!

It is scheduled to be delivered today and I cannot wait to play with it and have Jim teach me the ins and outs of using a “real” camera!  (I also can’t wait to snap some photos and share them with you!)

Other than that I really don’t have anything “special” planned – Spending all day in class/in lab/studying then coming home to whip up a home-cooked dinner with Jim and catch up on some shows – Sounds like the perfect birthday to me!

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Ugh …

I had some awesome posts planned for this week about sweet vintage items I picked up this past weekend and about some fun, new microbes I’ll be adding to the shop soon but I lost my camera!! (Well, it’s actually Jim’s camera … Which makes me feel about 10x more guilty.)

[Oy Vey Ring by Kablam Industries]

So I’m currently using my Mom’s camera, which is nice, but she doesn’t know what the hook-up to the computer looks like or where to find it – So I’m still stuck with no way of uploading new shots …


Perhaps I should try talking to that saint who helps you find lost things – St. Francis?  Or is he the one who takes care of your pets …

Found the camera … in my bag … it was there the whole damn time.


Goodies From The Mailman!

So a couple weeks ago in Hump Day Finds I featured Pony and Poppy’s Camera Tea Towel – Well, I ordered that one and a bunch more stuff from Amy’s fabulous shop and it arrived this week!

New Tea Towels!

They are absorbent and huge so they will be perfect for using in the kitchen.  She was also sweet enough to send me a surprise extra tea towel printed with a delightful cuckoo clock design!

Cuckoo Clock Tea Towel!

As mentioned, I ordered a few other goodies, but I’m not going to show them here because I plan to give them away as gifts this Christmas and I’m not sure which family members read this …

Hop on over to Pony and Poppy to take a look around and treat yourself to some noteworthy goodies!

Hump Day Finds: From My Favorites … Again

I think I might choose Hump Day Finds picks from my favorites for a while until I have more time to search for themed items …

Three Patch Jack Deep Vee by apliiq

Three Patch Tee

This tee appears snuggly and comfy and who doesn’t love a pop of color on their breast pocket!?

Retro Camera Tea Towel by PonyAndPoppy

Camera Tea Towel

I have had a strange affinity for handmade tea towels recently … one of the reasons I have fallen in love with Pony and Poppy’s shop – They have the cutest ones!  Jim enjoys photography – I’m thinking of purchasing this one for him (which is pretty much an excuse for me to buy one for myself).

Long Triangle Necklace by littleobywolfbrother

Long Triangle Necklace

Beautiful, simple and unique – Just the way I love my necklaces!  The geometric shapes and colors are lovely on this long one.