This is what it sounds like …

You rock those ruffles.


Lady Gaga & The Chipmunk

Whether she’s wearing meat or gluing pearls to her face – I have to admit that I love Lady Gaga.

Totally diggin’ the new single!  Visit here to listen (it plays automatically when you open the page).

Now that I have made that declaration – A video treat for you that Jim brought to my attention (Thank you!).

Seriously – What can be cuter than a chipmunk in slow motion?


RUSH Concert Pictures!!

As expected – Rush was totally awesome last night!!  They played all of their Moving Pictures album and many other great picks.  Neil Peart’s drum solo was, again, one of the highlights of the show … He really is a rock deity …

Here are some not-so-good photos that don’t do them justice, but it’s all I could manage to capture on my little camera:

Kick. Ass.