Bremen Hauptbahnhof, Old Town, famous Town Musicians of Bremen:

1. Bremen Hauptbahnhof

4. Old Town

14. Town Musicians of Bremen

Bratwurst, quark ball (like a cross between a doughnut and cake, but rolled in a ball, fried and dusted with sugar … this was probably my favorite treat):

10. Bratwurst

12. Quarkballen

Church of St. Petri, the Schnoor District, view of Bremen from across the River:

25. St. Petri + Marketplace

18. Schnoor District

23. Schlachte



Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, the Rathaus, Church of St. Nikolai (bombed during WWII), source of the Great Fire of 1842:

1. Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

4. Rathaus

10. St. Nikolai

12. Great Fire of 1842

Port of Hamburg, the Speicherstadt, Indra Club where the Beatles first gained a reputation in the early 60s:

14. Port of Hamburg

16. Speicherstadt

22. Indra Club

Organ at St. Michael’s Church (gorgeous), view from the top of St. Michael’s Church (had to climb >450 stairs to get there but it was SO worth it):

25. St. Michaels

26. View from St. Michaels

28. View from St. Michaels

Back from Germany!

My trip could not have gone any better – I achieved exactly what I wanted in the lab, learned more than I thought possible, met so many wonderful people and explored 3 new cities!

Things I loved:

  • the people
  • the preservation of old architecture
  • the ease and convenience of public transportation
  • the PASTRIES (omg.)

Things I found strange:

  • no one seems to drink water
  • people eat VERY quickly!
  • there are no bedsheets
  • comforters are the size of 1 person only

Outside of my research time, I was able to investigate 3 cities in Northern Germany:  Oldenburg (where I was staying), Hamburg and Bremen

I’ll do a little photographical summary of each today, tomorrow and Saturday – Enjoy!

First up:  Oldenburg

3. Downtown Oldenburg

4. Cappucino + Berliner

12. The Hunte

13. The Hunte

6. Evangelische St. Gertriden-Kapelle

18. Alter Osternburger Friedhof