Vintage Station Bag

I have two (count them, two) family weddings coming up this year – One is my stepbrother’s and the other is my sister’s (!).

Having had nothing fancy to wear, Jim and I have purchased ourselves a dapper suit and little black dress, respectively – However, I realized that my awesome Infusion bag, though perfect for day-to-day affairs, would not necessarily be appropriate paired with formal attire.

I started looking around on eBay for an inexpensive black leather clutch and stumbled across a sweet selection of vintage Coach bags.  I added a few to my watch list and nabbed the one below for only $25!

vintage coach station bag

Upon receiving it earlier this week, I realized what a steal this was.  It’s already in beautiful condition – The leather is thick, soft and pliable, the brass clasps and closures are all in working order and there are few scuff marks to be seen!

I’m posting a bunch of what I’ll call “before” photos here today because in the near future I plan on giving this satchel a thorough bath and re-conditioning.  After riding horses and caring for their tack for nearly 13 years, I’m no stranger to washing leather goods.  Even though this bag is already in excellent shape, I think a little additional love and attention will breathe new life into it.

vintage coach station bag

vintage coach station bag creed nyc new york city





“After” photos coming soon!


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