Small Bounties

Well I think my beloved tomatoes and peppers are nearing the end of their days.




All of my plants flowered and produced fruit – I was able to reap small bounties from each.  I learned a lot from this first season of growing and will definitely employ the following changes for next year:

  1. Plant less.  I kept at least 2 of each seedling, which translated to 8 giant plants on our small-ish balcony by mid-November.  I’m pretty sure the peppers were starved for sunlight and focused most of their energy growing up.  The tomatoes grew out and over the basil, which caused it to wilt and die off.  Next year, I will only keep 1 seedling each – I have already proven that I can adequately care for them.
  2. Diversify.  The peppers I selected all had similar flavor profiles.  Next year, I aim to spice it up with some hotter varieties such as jalapenos or poblanos.
  3. Cut back.  The tomatoes kind of got out of hand this year.  I let them get too big too fast and then became afraid to hack them back once they had started fruiting.  Next year, I will start pinching new growth early to deter them from taking over the entire space.

I was planning on planting a new round of cool-weather crops before “winter” ends here, but I’m not sure if I’ve waited too long to do this … I will keep you posted.


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