Thanksgiving for 2

For the past couple of years, Jim and I have made it our little tradition to have a mini-Thanksgiving (just the 2 of us) the Sunday after the actual holiday.  Day of, we usually spend dinnertime with friends – Which is great, but having our own celebration allows us to reap the full benefits of Thanksgiving leftovers :)

This year we indulged in:

  • roast turkey simply seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil
  • “stuffins” (stuffing baked in muffin tins)
  • brussel sprouts with pecans and cranberries (amazing and ridiculously easy … thank you Alton Brown)
  • gravy whipped up from turkey drippings
  • Jim’s mashed potatoes
  • scratch-made pumpkin pie (recipe coming soon!)


I can’t wait until someday we have a home big enough to host Thanksgiving for lots of family and friends … because we’ve certainly got it down pat in our little 600 square-foot apartment.

Hope all my fellow Americans had a wonderful holiday too!


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