Short Breather

Well I passed my candidacy exam yesterday (woo!) – I’ve successfully cleared the highest hurdle, but can’t take too much of a breather because I begin my next adventure this weekend.

Saturday I fly to Germany where I will be working on a collaborative research project with a group in Oldenburg.  I am very much looking forward to of course meeting new people and learning some brand new analytical techniques, but I can’t wait to just get out and explore a new country.

Before I go, I leave you with one more garden update:


Both the peppers and tomatoes are beginning to bud like mad, but I think I’m going to keep any fruit at bay by having Jim pluck them until I get back in 2 weeks.  It’s still a bit hot here and waiting until we have cooler overnight temps will be better for developing veggies I think (or so I’ve read anyway).




See you guys when I get back!



    • I don’t have any grand secrets to a healthy garden – This is my first attempt! I just use potting soil from our local garden center and make sure the plants have enough water (but not too much!). I also made sure the final pot the plants are housed in were large enough to accommodate them to make sure they could really take root. The perpetually warm weather here helps and our balcony is screened in so there isn’t much threat from large potentially harmful insects. Hope this helped a little!

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