Unwelcome guests …

The balcony garden is coming along fairly nicely – I had to put cages around the tomatoes finally because they’re getting so tall!



Peppers seem happy too, but I’ve recently discovered that some unwelcome guests have made their home on the underside of a few of the leaves:


After some internet searching, I think I’ve identified them as whiteflies.  Unfortunately, they seem to be a resilient garden pest as they have become immune to some pesticides and their life cycle makes them difficult to control.

I’m hoping I’ve caught them early enough and will be able to keep them at bay.  I have removed the leaves that seem to have been affected the most, and brushed the others with a dilute mix of organic dish soap and water.  Having a small space to begin with, I don’t really have room to quarantine the affected plants so I’m planning on purchasing some kind of insecticide ASAP.

If anyone has any useful tips for dealing with these critters, please let me know!




One comment

  1. Hi! Before you jump to the insecticide, I would try spraying them with a hard blast of water. That’s how I deal with aphids, and it seems to work very well. Other than those pests, though, your stuff looks fantastic!

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