Another garden update!

I may not be a fan of these medium-sized peat pots … but my plants sure are!


I found that after a few days these pots began harbouring mold/mildew growth.  I was not such a fan of this, but the plants didn’t seem to mind.  Next time, I’ll pick up some small, reusable plastic containers for re-potting instead.



This update is actually a bit late – I have ALREADY had to re-plant a select group of these guys into even bigger pots!!


Yes.  Most of my gardening happens during the evening hours – Usually after 10pm.  I actually kind of like it – By this time of night, the oppressive sun is long gone so balcony cools off a bit.  Sometimes I can even spot little Mediterranean house geckos scuttling around among the agaves.

Fortunately for my plants (and myself), this was the last time they needed to be uprooted and moved to another home.  I can’t wait to watch them really stretch out, grow tall and (hopefully) produce a decent amount of veggies for us this winter!

More photos coming soon!



    • Thanks!! :D We actually live on the 2nd floor so I have all my plants on our screened-in balcony. Fortunately it faces south, so it gets enough sun to sustain herbs and veggies – This is my first attempt at a garden and so far I’m really pleased with how well everything is doing!

      • Ooooh, screened in areas are great. I start a lot of things indoors in a sunroom and then move them outdoors as soon as they’re ready. But you’ve got an advantage with the screened-in area. Less bugs to battle! I hope to see how well your babies are coming along in the near future! Good luck!

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