Summer Uniform

I don’t really write about personal style a lot at all here, but after experiencing year-round summer since we moved in 2011, I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at dressing for never-ending heat and humidity.  My findings might be of use to some of you :)

I would never call myself fashionable, but I have found a “summer uniform” that seems to work for me.  I spend most of my waking hours in lab and prefer to spend my free time on weekends exploring and stalking wildlife.  On the rare occasion that I must choose some fancier garb, I like to dress comfortably and a little more on the modest side.

Here are 3 of my go-to summer outfits:

1.  Out-and-About – Perfect for sauntering through national parks, dining at food trucks and chasing frogs.outandabout| tank | shorts | shoes |

2.  Work-Appropriate – According to OSHA, I must wear long pants, a full-coverage top and closed-toe shoes … I’ll admit to wearing these “illegal” flip flops to work, but don’t worry, I always have an old pair of sneakers at the ready under my desk just in case I need| shirt | pants | sandals |

3.  Night Out – Something cool and comfortable, with only slight accessorizing so I still feel like me.dressedup| dress | necklace | sandals |

Links in bold are items I actually own – The others are items similar to what I have in my closet :)

Do you have any heatwave style tips??


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