Home: Part II

From NYC we made our way down to eastern PA – Along the way we …

1.  Stopped for some AMAZING ice cream in Princetondsc_08302.  Grabbed pizza in Lambertville (Jim and I keep telling ourselves we will someday settle down and buy a home there – I know it’s impossible to plan the future, but we can always dream right?) dsc_0877dsc_0879 dsc_0856 dsc_08553.  Got our hoagie fix and walked around Jacobsburg State Park, where I was befriended by a butterfly   dsc_0881dsc_0905dsc_09134.  Sat around a bonfire with friends (kudos to Matt for taking this ridiculously awesome photo)1074626_10101643597953403_1330527539_o5.  Nommed on Yocco’s chili dogs and pierogies before spending the afternoon at Knoebels   20130707_12403920130707_16144820130707_16024620130707_1858446.  Went to an IronPigs game and stuffed our faces with hot dogs, soft pretzels and candy coated almonds … I got a hat :)   dsc_1069dsc_1088dsc_1074 dsc_0987dsc_0999dsc_1099 20130708_172139Stay tuned for Part III in DE!

[ All photos in black and white taken by Jim! ]


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