Since it’s uncomfortably hot nearly year-round here, it can be difficult to pinpoint the arrival of summer.

Temps in the mid-90s and high humidity encourages some of my favorite warm-weather critters to come out and show themselves:dsc_0565Big Blue Land Crabs are everywhere, but can be super skittish and most of them popped back in their holes as soon as I tried to get near …dsc_0469These little guys like to run around near the water’s edge:dsc_0493They can be tricky to photograph sometimes.dsc_0482Golden Orb Weavers (a.k.a. Banana Spiders) spin enormous and beautiful webs when the weather heats up.  Even though they’re harmless to humans, they can grow to be about the size of your hand – So I made sure I didn’t get TOO close …dsc_0533Finally, I leave you with wise words from my Grandmom:dsc_0567 dsc_0546Hope your summer is off to a good start!!


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