Never Stop

Just popping in to say “hello” – It’s been too long since I’ve posted here, but for good reason.

This month has been all together busy and exciting …

  • I’ve been planning a trip to Colorado next week for field sampling and a dissolved organic matter fluorescence workshop
  • I’m finalizing an experimental design that will likely take me all summer to finish, but I expect that the results are going to be pretty awesome
  • Our group recently published in Science and the story was picked up by both NSF and the Wall Street Journal (!!) – This publication is essentially the precursor to what I am currently working on (just in case you were wondering what I do all day in lab) – We know that black carbon is associated with dissolved organic matter, but how?  This is the question I need to answer
  • After this week I am completely finished with college classes … of course I will still constantly be learning, observing and absorbing information related to my research, but I am stoked to never have to cram for another final ever again


P.S.  It’s National Parks Week!  Free admission to all national parks until April 28th!  Get out and explore :)


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