Axiom & Simulation

by Mark Dorf

Axiom & Simulation examines the ways in which humans quantify and explore our natural surroundings through the use of artistic, scientific, and digital realism.  As a developed global culture, we are constantly transforming physical space and objects into abstract non-physical thought to gain a greater understanding of composition and the inner workings of our surroundings.  These transformations often take the form of mathematical or scientific interpretation.  As a result of these changes, we can misinterpret or even lose all reference to the source.  When observing these simulations and interpretations of our landscape within a single context or picture plane, ideas of accuracy, futility, and original experience arise.

color3 plate6 plate7color4 plate19As an environmental chemist, this is something I have to be conscious of on a daily basis – How does my data fit in the context of the entire ecosystem?

It’s important to step back from molecular-level dynamics and observe (and enjoy) the environment as a whole – Only then will you be able to draw meaningful conclusions.


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