The Pinelands

Yesterday Jim and I went hiking around the Pinelands in Everglades National Park:dsc_0439 dsc_0441 dsc_0471dsc_0516Milkweed, Everglades square-stem and thistles dotted the grassy fields.dsc_0443dsc_0458dsc_0445 Rainwater dissolves the limestone rock that underlies the Everglades to form solution holes – We found a pretty big one that contained a growing mangrove tree!  It’s amazing to think that this whole area is under water during the wet season.dsc_0480dsc_0478A little scorpion (!) crawled by while we stopped to eat lunch on the trail:dsc_0508Birds were out in full-force!  We spotted lots of cormorants, baby anhingas, vultures, great blue herons and even a red-bellied woodpecker:  dsc_0526 dsc_0539 dsc_0551 dsc_0554 dsc_0662For more information on the Pinelands, click here :)



  1. I’ve been to Florida many times, but never truly seen the Everglades, or at least not like this. This is probably a wonderful time to go, judging by the pictures – lots of wildlife and not too hot (I hope). Love the flower pictures especially!

    • It’s lovely this time of year!! It was cool and breezy – March really is the best month because water flow is at its lowest which forces a lot of birds and animals to be more visible :) The Pinelands are great because few people go and the landscape feels so vast.

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