Wanted: Storage Space

Last week we were lamenting the lack of storage in our little apartment and we came up with a few ideas we would like to carry out before our next wave of visitors arrives.

We would like to break down and store our kitchen table on the balcony (it won’t be missed, we prefer to sit around the coffee table anyway) and purchase another shelving/storage unit for the living room.  We are in desperate need of a place to put away Jim’s records and other media.

The desk in our bedroom needs to go – No one sits at it anymore – It’s just taking up space and is only doing an efficient job of collecting laundry, random paperwork … and dust.

I hope we can both find time in our schedules to do this soon – I’ve been feeling a bit claustrophobic recently and I think our apartment is in need of a mini-overhaul.

I’ve been collecting a few photos here that I think provide nice storage options in a small space:

storage ideasSources (clockwise from top/left): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Do you have any storage tips to share?



  1. I’m still working on organizing stuff too. So far I’ve discovered the joys of underbed boxes for things like blankets and out-of-season clothing, and checking out Ikea because it is filled with really clever storage ideas – I like their patterned cardboard boxes for storing craft supplies, for instance. That way everything is put away and the space appears less visually cluttered.

    • We actually succeeded in putting the kitchen table away and in the process ended up throwing away and donating a bunch of stuff, so it already feels so much less oppressive in here!! I do love under-bed storage and we are already planning on a trip to IKEA to pick out a shelving unit for the space where the table was :)

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