New Years Day

Jim and I passed out watching the Twilight Zone about an hour before the ball dropped on New Years Eve – We were pooped after a day of skiing and snowboarding!

The forecast for New Years Day was cold and wet so we packed up our rain gear and took a driving tour of the mountains:

dsc_0791 dsc_0768I guess there’s a reason why they call it SMOKY Mountains National Park …

dsc_0793 dsc_0821dsc_0810dsc_0794After stopping at the Newfound Gap overlook, we decided to keep going until we hit Gatlinburg.  This little town totally took us by surprise – I (pretty accurately) described it as a hybrid of Times Square and the boardwalk … but located in the mountains.  It was bizarre and fun – We left with two hot chocolates and a pound of fudge :)

dsc_0838 dsc_0839I’m going to break up our many many photos into a few posts – Next up will be our 8-mile hike along the Alum Cave Trail – Stay tuned!


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