New Years Getaway

As you read this, Jim and I will be on the road to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Having been trapped in a monotonous subtropical climate for a full year now, we’re both going a little stir-crazy.

I miss mountains (or any change in elevation for that matter).  I want it to be cold enough to see my breath again and witness the leafless trees that signal the arrival of winter.  I want a legitimate excuse to wear mittens and boots.  I miss seasons (no, “wet” and “dry” don’t count in my book).

I can’t wait to get away from people and just be quiet.


Hopefully the weather will cooperate and Cataloochee will be able to make enough snow for it to be worth putting on our ski and snowboard boots (for part of a day at least).  If not, we are both perfectly excited to spend our entire time hiking through the Smokies and exploring new terrain.

Have a safe and wonderful new year :)


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