Things have been a bit crazy around here.  My research/teaching/class duties are already a mile long, which unfortunately means 11+ hour workdays and being in lab on weekends are necessary just to keep up with it all.

Luckily, I get to do cool shit like this, so I don’t mind it too much:

Anyway – Here’s a little of what’s been happening around here recently:

  • In lab, I’ve been working my booty off trying to finish up a few experiments and produce a bunch of new data for my upcoming thesis proposal at the end of October.
  • Jim and I found an awesome hoagie place up in Fort Lauderdale yesterday while running errands – Sharing a large Italian special made us both feel a lot less homesick.
  • Speaking of food – Jim started a new Pinterest board where we can both bookmark recipes we’d like to try – This has made weekly dinner planning so much easier!
  • I’m happy to announce that I finally signed up for Etsy Direct Checkout – Now you can purchase your favorite WNM goodies directly through Etsy with your credit card without using PayPal!
  • Bought a new pair of running shoes!! Due to my current lack of free time, I haven’t had a chance to actually run in them yet – But I’m planning on doing a mini-review as soon as I do!
  • Baked this tea cake last night, but substituted Chai for Earl Grey – Holy cow, it tastes amazing.

So tell me – What have you been up to??


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