Your Favorite Coffee Shops

First of all, I need to send a big, huge THANK YOU to WordPress for featuring “The Local Coffee Shop” post in Freshly Pressed this week!!

Your response was truly amazing and I am thoroughly enjoying each and every one of your comments.  Many of you chose to share your favorite local place to grab a cuppa, so I decided to compile them here for everyone to peruse!

By Location:

  • Barclay’s – Northridge, CA
  • Venice Coffee – Mar Vista, CA
  • Lestat’s Coffee House – San Diego, CA
  • Amandine – Los Angeles, CA
  • Literati Cafe – Los Angeles, CA
  • Cacao – Los Angeles, CA
  • Emil’s Swiss Bakery – Los Angeles, CA
  • Espresso Profeta – Los Angeles, CA
  • Boba Loca – Various Locations, CA
  • La Monarca Bakery – Santa Monica, CA
  • Gypsy Den – Santa Ana, CA
  • 88 Orchard – New York, NY
  • Roji Tea Lounge – Syracuse, NY
  • Recess Coffee – Syracuse, NY
  • Second Story – Syracuse, NY
  • Caffe Reggio – New York, NY
  • Monkey’s Nest – Austin, TX
  • Agora – Houston, TX
  • Te House of Tea – Houston, TX
  • Strange Brew – Austin, TX
  • Mozart’s – Austin, TX
  • Empire Cafe – Houston, TX
  • Cinema Paradiso – Seattle, WA
  • Grand Illusion – Seattle, WA
  • Caffe Vita – Seattle, WA
  • Cafe Umbria – Seattle, WA
  • Water Street Cafe – Kalamazoo, MI
  • The Debary Coffeehouse – DeBary, FL
  • Kaldi’s Coffee House – New Orleans, LA
  • Steamers Coffeehouse – Arvada, CO
  • Delancey Street Bagels – Philadelphia, PA
  • Adelle’s Coffee House – Dover, NH
  • Diesel Cafe – Somerville, MA
  • Java Love Cafe – Sedona, AZ
  • Sweet 27 – Baltimore, MD
  • Intelligentsia – Chicago, IL
  • Prufrock – London, UK
  • The Butterfly and The Pig – Glasgow, UK

So if you live or happen to find yourself in any of these places, you might want to take a moment to stop in and enjoy a beverage before continuing on with your day …

Have a wonderful weekend!


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