Merrell Pace Gloves

I’ve been dying to try barefoot running “shoes” for years now – I had heard rave reviews about them and I figured they would be a fun way to switch up my runs.

Until recently, buying a pair never really felt right – I was always asking myself:  Can I afford to spend up to $100 on them?  Will they be worth it?  Would I prefer the five-finger kind or a minimalist running shoe style?  Do I actually need new footwear right now?  Will I even like them?

However, thanks to Jim’s awesome employee discount and my good-sized tax return – I put my queries aside and decided to go for it!

Meet my brand new Merrell Pace Gloves!!

As you can see, I chose to go with a super-minimal shoe that still rocks the Vibram sole.  I think the Pace Glove is a perfect fit because they are very versatile – Great for walking, running, biking and shuffling around the lab!

I wore them on a 3.5-mile walk Tuesday, around lab Wednesday and during a 2-mile jog last night – Aside from some minor blisters on my heels (Note to self: Buy another box of band-aids.), they’ve been great: Comfortable, breathable and supportive!

Aside from the increased arch support, I honestly didn’t feel too much of a difference while walking around in them – I pretty much live in flip-flops so the transition to a minimalist shoe wasn’t a big deal.

Running, however, was a different story.

My current running shoes (Brooks Glycerin 9) have a lifted heel and I tend to hit the ground mid-sole or closer to the heel with each stride.  The Pace Gloves have no lift in the heel, encouraging a shorter stride where your strike the ground with the ball of your foot.

You can see the difference here (Glycerin 9 on top, Pace Gloves on the bottom):

I really like the change! The Pace Gloves work my calf muscles like crazy and I’m interested to see how gradually incorporating them into my weekly routine will affect my running overall.

I hope to give a more detailed review once I have had some time to really acquaint myself with them – But if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!



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