Our Agave

When Jim and I moved into our apartment last summer, I insisted on getting a cute little agave plant for our outdoor space.

Well lo and behold after a few months this “little” succulent grew to nearly 3x its original size and now barely fits in the pot I put him in:

Part of me wants to transplant him into a roomier container … but I fear this will only encourage more growth and he will end up taking over our entire balcony!  (Our agave is apparently male, by the way.)

Alas, I still have not yet decided what I want to do with him (suggestions welcome here) – But I was inspired to create a new embroidery piece in his honor!

I have really come to love the satin stitch – Maybe I’m weird, but I love the feeling of perfectly filling something in.  As a kid, I was definitely a color-inside-the-lines kind of girl and I guess that translates to my stitching 20+ years later …

Have a happy weekend!



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