3 Things

According to this post, pale pink, mint, lavender, fuchsia, orange and melon are all “cool” nail polish colors for spring – Turns out I already own the following 4 shades!  Who knew I was so trendy?

Pinned this photo a couple weeks ago – It reminds me so strongly of the cozy little kitchen we had back in Lambertville.  I miss being able to peer out of a window as I cook … (P.S. If anyone has the true source for this photo – Please let me know!!)

I love Liz Lemon.  Sometimes it scares me how much her character’s personality mimics my own …

[click image for source]



  1. I can take or leave the pastels, but that red one on the right is gorgeous. Wearing something similar right now, actually!

    You and me and Liz Lemon makes three as far as the word “lovers” goes. All I can think of is this:

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