Stitch Swap!

Back in February, I signed up for the first ever Wild Olive Stitch Swap!

Partners must create and swap hand-stitched embroideries framed in a 4-inch hoop by the end of March – Here’s a little peek at what I will be packing up and shipping to my assigned partner this weekend:

She loves chihuahuas and hearts so I thought this simple mash-up would be the perfect design for her – So cute, I’m almost tempted to keep it myself!  I also wrapped up a small bag of Jelly Belly beans in tropical flavors as a fun little greeting from this south Florida dweller:

Over 270 people signed up for this swap (!) – It’s really cool knowing that you are part of this crafty worldwide event.

Follow Mollie at Wild Olive to be updated about future stitch swap events!



  1. What a cutie! I won’t be surprised if your in-box gets filled for “requests” to make and sell this on your shop. Worldwide craft swaps like these are so much fun–it’s like having penpals, but you get to send handmade stuff instead through snail/airmail.

    Happy weekend!

  2. I love it! Your swap partner is very lucky to be swapping with you.

    Right now I am actually part of a swap too! I don’t think it is as large as your swap, maybe 100 people. My partner is from New Zealand so I decided to crochet her a fox because it’s a North American animal :)

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