The Final Frontier

Space has always been a fascination of mine – So when I came across this link a few weeks ago I just couldn’t stop looking at it!

It’s a high-definition, zoomable, 360-degree panoramic view of the night sky … How cool is that!?

I’ve been meaning to do another pointillism-style embroidery so I figured what better inspiration that the evening sky?

Here it is, “The Final Frontier” (can you tell Jim and I have been watching a lot of Star Trek recently?):

It took a few weeks for me to find enough collective time to finish each of those hundreds of French knots, but it was totally worth it.

Does space inspire you?



  1. i’ve been meaning to practice some french knots on embroidery to, i love how this looks! maybe there could be more subsequent variations with different colors of thread representing different stages of stars? those red/blue dwarfs need love too!

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