I feel like I’ve been talking less about me and more about the shop recently, and I don’t like that (even *I* get bored with shop updates after a while!) – So here’s a little summary of what I’ve been up to:

  • I passed my 2nd cume last month (only 2 more to go!) – I am so looking forward to the day that my classes and exams are over and I can finally focus on my research!
  • My sister is coming to stay with us at the end of this month!  I am beyond excited – I plan on working straight through my spring break so I can take off for a couple days when she is here … maybe I’ll actually get to lay on the beach for the first time since we moved here!
  • Our basil, parsley and mint are thriving after a month on our balcony … however our cilantro, not so much (re. shriveled and dead).  If anyone has tips for growing cilantro in warm and humid climates, let me know!  We could really use some.
  • I’m brainstorming a new succulent embroidery piece, this time inspired by our agave plant (see image above).  I love its minty green and blue-grey coloration.
  • I’m happy to be participating in Mollie’s Stitch Swap – Over 270 people from all over the world signed up (!) – I received my partner last week and all I have to say is I think she’s really going to like what I’m making for her!!
  • I’ve decided that I need to start coloring my hair regularly.  Unfortunately, these pesky greys are becoming too obvious for my liking (I’m only 24 for Pete’s sake!).  Can anyone recommend a good brand of boxed color?
  • I received these simple silver studs from Greece last week!  Jim thinks they make me look like I have gauges (sans any actual earlobe-stretching).

What have you been up to lately?



  1. I never had any luck with cilantro in a cool, dry climate. The darn plant kept getting these little flies, so I’d cut back on water, and then it would look all sad and wilted before keeling over. Maybe it’s just a really picky plant!

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