Inspired by a Marine Microbe

I came across this odd-looking microorganism while reading about phytoplankton species for one of my classes:

The coccolithophore (as it is called) is an ocean-dwelling microbe that prefers to spend its time catching rays and photosynthesizing in the surface waters of marine environments.

I was particularly drawn to the calcium carbonate scales that surround its single-celled “body” and was inspired to create a modern embroidery piece mimicking their unique structure.

This design reminds me of a kind of “modern lace” – I also chose floss that reflected the colors of the sea.

I ordered a bunch of “new” vintage embroidery hoops that should be arriving in my mailbox throughout the week – I can’t wait to create more pieces highlighting this simple and delicate stitch!

Coccolithophore via Wiki



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