WNM has gone 100% wool!

Last week I hinted that I had some fresh updates in mind for the shop

I am pleased to share with you that I am now using renewable 100% Merino wool felt to create my goodies!  This felt is made from the wool of the Merino sheep.  It is soft, rich in color and very durable.  I have found that this fiber compliments my designs very well and is a pleasure to work with.

Here are a few old favorites I have recreated using Merino wool felt (now in the shop!!):

I’m also excited to finally reveal a completely re-vamped dopamine heart, a brand new adrenaline lightning bolt and bring back a much-loved fish from last year:

Click each image for more a better look at the items you see here – Or hop on over to the WNM shop to browse the rest of my most recent additions!!



  1. SHAD!!! I love Chad (my shad).

    Love that you’ve gone wool, it’s one of my favorite materials ever. Not that I don’t like the recycled felt you used to use, I always like recycled things. But wool is just such a wonderful, versatile material. Can’t wait till I have an excuse to get some more wooly WNM goodies :)

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