Today I am loving this photo taken by Jacinta over at bawkbawkbawk – Fresh and light, and the color of the sky is lovely.

This weekend I have nothing major planned, except to prepare for my first cumulative exam – “Cumes” (as we call them) are unannounced, monthly exams that graduate students have to take as part of the chemistry PhD program … we have to pass 4 in 10, so wish me luck!!

O, and I usually don’t care about football, but I will be watching the Ravens/Patriots game on Sunday – I’m a mild Ravens fan because QB Joe Flacco took our alma mater’s football team to the championships back when Jim and I were still at the University of Delaware.  Go Baltimore!!

Here are some links from this past week:

  • Having another urge to add to my necklace collection – Wavering between this, this and this.

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. I am mildly cheering for the Ravens (well, to be honest I don’t care that much about SPORTS!!!! as some people *cough* my boyfriend *cough*), but because they’re from Maryland!

    But I’ll be equally pleased if the Patriots win because my uncle is from Boston and it’d make him really happy. And admittedly because it would peeve my boyfriend, he doesn’t like the Patriots much (his Dad is a huge Patriots fan and my boyfriend is a Redskins fan). Actually, he doesn’t really like the Ravens much either.

    However, I always like to watch games with him because it’s an excuse to dress up my cat Kif in his little football-jersey bandana.

    Also, thanks for the indie pricing link. It’s a great read!

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