Florida Wildlife Collection

“Florida is America’s basement.  It’s wet, it’s filled with mold, strange insects, alligators …”  Robert California

This is my favorite quote from last week’s episode of The Office – Probably because it’s so true.

Yes, the tropical heat and humidity can be just completely unbearable at times – But it is this climate that allows Florida to house some of the coolest wildlife in America.  I feel like every day I come across a new and interesting creature whose identity I need to discover.  I’ve come face-to-face with 4-foot iguanas, even bigger alligators, prehistoric-looking knight anoles and tiny, curious geckos.  The aquatic and avian life here is also pretty amazing – I spotted a juvenile brown pelican floating in the pond outside my lab window just this past week!

A few months ago, the local mangroves inspired me to stitch this tropical embroidery piece.  I have since decided to expand on this idea and start the Florida Wildlife Collection.

I aim to create an embroidery art line highlighting Florida flora and fauna – I already have my second piece completed and a third in progress – Check it out!

The Mosquito: (listed in the shop)

The Little Blue Heron: (in progress)

How does nature inspire you?



  1. Oh, this is a brilliant idea! <3 I've spent a lot of time looking up Florida wildlife, as Jen and I dream of one day living on a boat and obviously Florida is wonderful for liveaboards!!!

    I started following an old blog long ago, that consisted of a husband and wife, plus their young son who they home-schooled. Each day they would go on a walk, pointing out various wildlife, which they would later research and he'd write reports about. It's such a cute idea and I've been fascinated ever since!

    Plus – despite being born and raised in Chicago, my dad and almost all of his family were born and raised in Florida and he JUST moved back there with his girlfriend!

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