Handmade Gifties

I know, I know … Christmas was like 3 weeks ago, but I wanted to share with you some awesome handmade presents I got this year!

  1. Alligator Christmas ornament with hand-sewn Santa hat by Jim.
  2. Melted crayon art made by my sister, Natalie.
  3. A bunch of soaps by Little Batch Apothecary by my dad and stepmom.
  4. Cute needle-felted snowy owl by Natalie.

I also received this lovely, quilted cozy …

… for my new Kindle Fire!!

Kinda looks like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyessy …

Jim completely surprised me with this Kindle on Christmas day!!  We rarely give gifts to each other, so this was totally unexpected.

I have to travel between the FIU campuses twice per week for class (an hour bus ride each way), and I always wished I could bring my laptop to check e-mails or catch up on work during this time, but my poor IBM is over 4 years old, it’s heavy and the battery doesn’t last more than 10 minutes.  Now I have a convenient and portable Kindle on which I can read books and research articles, check my mail, play games, keep up with my shop throughout the day … I could go on and on!

The Kindle cover shown here was handmade by Briana of B Taylor Quilts (one of my favorite Etsy shops) – Jim told me he searched through hundreds of items in my favorites (literally) to find it … now THAT is true love.



  1. Awesome presents! I’ve been thinking to do a post about all the gifts I handmade and gave people for Christmas (there were a lot :P)

    I especially love the owl, and the alligator makes me chuckle :)

  2. Awesome gifts! I got a fair amount of handmade stuff, and I got a nook instead of a kindle. I never though I’d ever go for e-books but I have to say I love the portability.

    The melted crayon art is gorgeous.

  3. What cool gifties! And a Kindle Fire!! Nice :) I’m so glad you like the sleeve, and your photos are nicely done. Want to do my photography? Your hired!! I’ve got a Kindle Keyboard, and bought Jeff (my boyfriend) a Kindle Touch, which is pretty darn cool too. I love the fact that you can read it with one hand….I’m so lazy, I don’t want to lift my other hand to turn the pages anymore…LOL!

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