We have a new addition to our little family: Rupert the Betta!

I picked him up shortly after Harvey, my previous pet betta, passed away over the holiday break.  Sad?  Yes.  But Harvey lived to reach the ripe old age of 5 (which I think roughly translates to “old man” in fish years …)

I love Rupert’s bright blue color – And seriously, how could you not love that face?

If you were wondering, I name my bettas after characters actor Jimmy Stewart has played or movies he starred in.  “Rupert” is Stewart’s character in Hitchcock’s “Rope”.  My other betta is named Tigo, which is short for “Vertigo” (another Hitchcock movie).



  1. aww he’s really cute! i’ve never had good luck with my bettas living long. i think it was the water. i could never get it right even with the drops they give you to put in there. the last guy developed some weird looking scaly fungus on his head and eye.

    • I actually don’t even use the drops – I buy a gallon of Deer Park Spring Water :) I don’t know why, but Deer Park water just works for them! Must be whatever balance of minerals it has …

  2. I’m sorry about Harvey. :( He’s up there with many of our betta fish!!!

    Such a sweet little guy Rupert is! I love his face!!! (Betta’s ROCK!)

  3. Rupert is gorgeous! Love the jewel-tone blue color and that little fish pout. Sorry to hear about Harvey. 5 years is a ripe old age and really long compared to how long my goldfishes lived.

    Thanks for introducing your Betta to us!

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