Home for the Holidays!!

As you read this, Jim and I are probably either en route or have already arrived at our PA destination!!

I am uber excited and so thankful to be able to take 2 whole weeks and simply spend them with people we love – I can’t remember the last time we both had a vacation this long – But after this ridiculous whirlwind of a year, we totally deserve it.

Here are just a few things on our holiday agenda:

  • bake a quadruple batch of biscotti (I’m already getting requests …)
  • visit our old home town, Lambertville
  • get a haircut
  • become better acquainted with my new camera
  • go skiing (or snowboarding in Jim’s case)
  • spend time with our families
  • celebrate the new year in NYC with good friends
  • relax and read a few books

WNM will be back in business once we return to Florida in January!

Happy holidays to you and your families – See you in 2012!!



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