Birthday Wishes

As some of you may have read, my birthday was last month.  I received awesome food-related care packages from both my mom and my dad.  In said packages, they both wrote me a little “happy birthday” note complete with a drawing.

Now bear in mind, my parents have been divorced for over 11 years now, have stopped talking to one another and both are happily remarried.

What I found amusing was how similar their messages were to one another:

The alligator is from my dad and the balloons are from my mom … and they both found it necessary to label what their respective pictures were.

I think this is hilarious and I have both hanging in the kitchen – I love them both and it still amazes me how they managed to create a daughter with any artistic talent at all … creativity must be a recessive gene …



  1. Adorable! You should turn them into embroideries maybe? I think it’d be cute as a series for learning the alphabet (A is for alligator, B is for balloons, etc.).

  2. My parents are also divorced and I often find theiy have random similarities (saying that they share, etc). I think it’s comforting in a weird way… Reminds me that at one time they were in a relationship and they grew up together. Life is strange!

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