Hump Day Finds: Birthday Wish List!

Hey friends!  Sorry I’ve been a little MIA … finals week is encroaching, I’ve unexpectedly started my research (I was in the Everglades collecting water samples last week!) AND we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our place this year – So much to do!

Today’s finds are pretty much just things that I want.  Why?  Because today is my birthday!!

The following are a few items that have been on my radar for a while:

Where you can get ’em:

I know, that last one wasn’t found via Etsy – But it was an early/unexpected birthday gift for myself!!  Remember how I said I was in the Everglades last week?  Well, I brought my camera to take pictures (of course) and ended up dropping it overboard …

Upsetting?  Sort of.  I’m just sad I don’t have pictures of the field trip to show you.  But getting a DSLR has been on Jim and my wish lists for months now (I wanted something better for item/blog photos and Jim has been a photo geek since high school).  It’s such a big purchase for us so we have been hesitant to take the leap.  Anyway, I ended up having enough money saved up from my Etsy sales to purchase a refurbished, body-only Nikon D3000 (Jim already owns a lens that will work perfectly with it)!

It is scheduled to be delivered today and I cannot wait to play with it and have Jim teach me the ins and outs of using a “real” camera!  (I also can’t wait to snap some photos and share them with you!)

Other than that I really don’t have anything “special” planned – Spending all day in class/in lab/studying then coming home to whip up a home-cooked dinner with Jim and catch up on some shows – Sounds like the perfect birthday to me!

** One last thing!  Today is the LAST DAY to get 15% off your purchases at What. No Mints?  I don’t do sales often, so take advantage!  Just use coupon code SCIENCEWEEK at checkout!  (Valid until midnight tonight.) **



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