Science Week: On Becoming a Scientist

Putting together this week has got me thinking about what made me wander into the field of science in the first place, and I’m pretty sure I know the answer: my Mom.

Growing up, she encouraged my curiosity in everything.  She would take my sister and I on hiking trails, climbing over rocks and trudging through woods.  She would put on water shoes and wade in creeks with us, catching salamanders and looking for fish.  Even at home, she would make up easy experiments for us using basic kitchen supplies.

The following is one of these homemade experiments I remember vividly – It is so simple, but it really captures the imagination.

Dancing Raisings


  • tonic water
  • raisins
  • clear drinking glass or vase (preferably one that is tall and thin)


  1. Fill glass with tonic water.
  2. Plop in 3-4 raisins.
  3. Observe.

The raisins will immediately sink to the bottom.  Over the period of a few minutes, you will begin to see bubbles forming in the nooks and crannies of each raisin.  When a raisin gathers forms enough bubbles on its surface, it will become buoyant and magically float to the top of the glass!  When it reaches the top, some bubbles will pop and the raisin will sink once more.  This process will repeat itself several times, demonstrating the principal of buoyancy!

The floating paper clip and the pepper and water trick are two other fun, kid-friendly experiments I remember well.

So I just wanted to say “Thanks, Mom” for inspiring me more than you think you did – And I encourage you to try these experiments with your own kids!  Don’t have kids?  Do them yourself!  It’s fun, it’s interesting – And it’s always awesome to know you are learning something new.

Also a shout-out to YOU for following along with me this week – I had a blast breaking down some science-y goodness for you and I hope you found some of it intriguing!

I’d like to do this again sometime, if you have any topic requests, I’d be happy to entertain them.  Also, don’t forget to include links to any science-related post of your own in the comments!

And remember, 15% off at my shop until November 23rd by using coupon code SCIENCEWEEK at checkout!!

See you next week!


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