“Mini-Forest” Embroidery Pattern

There’s nothing like the woodsy scent of pine to get your head in “holiday” mode.

Today I’d like to share with you my simple “Mini-Forest” embroidery pattern.

This basic design is perfect for someone who is embarking on their first embroidery attempt (we all need to start somewhere)!

I used a 5″ vintage embroidery hoop in the photos you see here and stitched my trees with embroidery floss in 3 shades of evergreen and 3 shades of woodsy brown.

You may choose to use either a running stitch or a back stitch – An easy-to-follow tutorial for both can be found here.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, simply save the following pattern image to your computer, adjust the size to fit your hoop and print!  Draw the pattern onto tracing paper, or use a disappearing ink marker to transfer the trees to your fabric.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, customize your trees with bauble ornaments, layers of snow or perch a few birds amongst the branches – Feel free to send me pictures or link me to finished photos of your Mini-Forest – I’d like to see!

P.S. For the not-so-crafty individuals, you can find the finished version of this “tree-o” here for purchase!



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