Happy Birthday Jim!

Congratulations on being able to rent a car without those obnoxious under-age fees …

And for those who don’t know (which is probably everyone … because even we forget sometimes), today is also technically our dating anniversary.  We don’t really celebrate or make a big deal about it, we just needed to pick a date to keep track of how long we’ve been going at this thing (6 years today).

Honestly, at the end of the day (no matter what day in what year) as long as I know I get to be with him, I am a happy lady.

(Why yes, such a fitting photo of the birthday boy in the month of MOvember … In case you were wondering, that’s the vocabulary word that just so happened to be on the back of the fortune from his cookie when we ordered Asian take-out last week.)

Thanks for keeping me sane and being my best friend – I love you Jim!



  1. aww congrats on six years! and happy birthday!

    also come back to the mid-atlantic, lunch time is super lame. oh and kaliente (everyones favorite mexi-indian place) has closed :( pretty much means i have to graduate now!

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