O there’s no place …

… like HOME for the holidays!!

[photo source]

I am beyond excited because Jim informed me this weekend that we are actually able to fly home for Christmas this year!!

This came as kind of a shock to the two of us because the demands of his job usually don’t allow for much vacation time (especially during the holiday season) so we had already mentally prepared ourselves for staying in Florida – But it looks like we’re going home for nearly 2 weeks!

I am just so happy that we will be able to spend Christmas and New Years with people we love … I seriously can’t stop smiling and humming holiday tunes …



  1. I know the feeling! I’m currently living in San Diego, and will finally going back to Minnesota for Christmas! It really just isnt the same making a “sand-man” instead of a snowman.. :) Where are you from/living now?

    Also – your etsy store is adorable!

    • Both Jim and I grew up in eastern PA and have lived around that area up until this past summer … We now live in Miami, FL! (I’m attending grad school down here) Tropical living has its benefits and the culture is great – But the holidays are proving to be a disappointment. It just doesn’t feel at all like Christmas to me when it’s 80 degrees out with palm trees constantly in my face :P I can’t wait to get my butt back north, put on my wool coat and drink some hot chocolate!! You have a merry Christmas with your family too okay!

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