Winter Goodies 2011

I know, you haven’t even had the chance to say “trick or treat” yet and here I am already talking about winter things … but just I can’t wait any longer to share these new holiday goodies with you!

The following are a few new items I’ve whipped up for the 2011 holiday season …

Tufted Cardinal Ornament – My Dad loves the original tufted birds (he enjoys giving them little personalities based on their facial expressions) and he loves cardinals.  I cannot wait to see the look on his face this Christmas when I present him with one of these cuties …

Lumpy the Christmas Coal – A slight variation on the pet rock plush, these are probably the cutest lumps of coal the kids on Santa’s “naughty list” will ever see.

Embroidered Snowflake Ornaments – A crafty manifestation of my pining for icy and frigid northern winters (I doubt we’ll even see frost down here … sigh).

“Festive” Ornament – This one is probably my favorite of the lot.  It’s inspired by a sticky note Jim put up in my dorm freshman year of college.  The arrows pointed at the Christmas lights I had just hung in my room.  It’s witty and obvious and I love it.  (We still have the original sticky note and hang it on our tree every winter!)

Tartan Plaid Strawberry Sachets – These little scented sachets are crafted from leftover plaid fabric I used to create our Christmas tree skirt!  They make great bowl-fillers or you can tuck them in a drawer or closet to add some woodsy freshness to your linens.  Filled with either balsam fir needles or cedar wood shavings.

I hope you are as excited about these new additions as I am!  You can find these and more in the “Holiday 2011” section of my shop.

What new and festive craftiness do you have planned for winter?



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